Why Reset Leadership


To be a great leader, start by showing leadership through engagement and development of yourself.

There are things which, had I learned many years ago, would have transformed my ability to perform to my full potential, lead effectively and feel more fulfilled in life. These needs changed as my life and career progressed. At each stage I learnt new techniques and greater all round awareness. However, while these periods of self-development were inspiring and motivating they were also time-consuming, and at times exhausting, overwhelming and isolating when they didn't necessarily have to be.

As I looked deeper in to these experiences, so began my journey and investigation into neuroscience, wellbeing and coaching - looking for ways to improve people's working and personal lives both in terms of quality and productivity but without increasing their workload or perceived stress.

 A strong foundation of values, self-awareness, wellbeing, communication, and goal-setting is essential for us all to become successful, fulfilled individuals on a sustainable basis.  Busy people rarely make time to check in with themselves (and many, like me, wouldn't know where to start), so it forms the foundation of all the  programs and 1-1 coaching.  

Coaching shaped by experience

My coaching draws on personal and professional experience from over 20 years working in the high-pressure environments of Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Management (ABN Amro, UBS, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Unicredit, Mediobanca and TT International) 

As an ambitious and successful equity sales person, and latterly a very team focused manager, I developed a deep understanding of the challenges and pressures that we all face not only day to day but also in our long-term career development.  

This experience makes me a passionate advocate of holistic, empowering coaching. With a strong neuroscience based approach, I help clients understand the role their brain plays in working, leading and living effectively and happily. I combine these techniques with my natural empathy, perception and practical experience to challenge and reset deep rooted beliefs and behaviours, raise self awareness, and create space for growth. The addition of Hogan Assessment profiling last year compliments this approach perfectly. 

I really enjoy helping people and teams to fulfil their potential senior management, valuable employees and entrepreneurs. As individuals find the strengths, courage, energy and motivation to move forward, so they build solid roots for the future.

 I have a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC in London, and am a Licensed Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler). My passion for developing an informed, holistic approach is further supported by courses at Stanford University in "The New Science of Stress" and "New Alpha Leadership", Continued Coaching Education focused on Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence, and College of Naturopathic Medicine course in wellness.   

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