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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves “ - William Shakespeare

My approach incorporates the latest leadership, neuroscience and wellbeing studies, techniques and training. This will become a solid platform from which you will understand how and why the small but valuable changes we will make are so effective. 

Together we will look at the potential influences and practical solutions which can support you in making real, lasting change.  It will equip you with the tools to coach yourself and adopt a supportive, coaching approach to others. The framework is simple but powerful.   


1-on-1 coaching

Rethink - Discover and recover your identity and direction 

Reframe - Create powerful shifts in thinking; Become mindful of what you need and what others want  

Respect - Create effective and mutually beneficial working relationships in an increasingly competitive world; find your voice in the crowd 

Renew - Learn the importance of fuelling growth by optimizing your growth mindset, lifestyle and habits. 

Reset - Bring your best self, but also your whole self, to your professional life.    

Applying and affirming these steps over time will give you the strength and vision to climb higher, with more confidence and focus but less effort and less stress.   


Finding "ME" in a Team

"Finding ME in a team" is a coaching-based approach to team building. Designed to "Reset" participants beliefs and approach, they will leave with a greater sense of clarity in their role and their potential (individually or together), practical changes that can be implemented in to real life, awareness of how to overcome obstacles as and when they arise.   

By giving more emphasis and shared awareness to individual talents and creating clear shared purpose across diverse skills and values, this programme connects, refocuses, and builds resilience within a team - the basis for high performance.

As the team learn and reflect together they will begin co-coaching through real work issues, putting their new learning and techniques into practice  

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